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The following was sent to me recently by Elizabeth Oates.  Elizabeth teaches the Yoga Life classes at the new CrossFit fitness center on Austin Avenue…

Bringing Fitness Downtown

Time. Money. Boredom. Inconvenience. Most of us utter these excuses for not exercising. Well get ready, downtown, because Jimmy Stewart and Jonathan Reynolds, co-owners of CrossFit Waco, have moved downtown! Their new gym, CrossFit Waco, located in the new Woolworth Suites located at 605 Austin Avenue, offers workout programs for every fitness level and interest, creating an environment that eliminates all of these excuses.

In addition to CrossFit and Boot Camp classes, several other health professionals join together in the Woolworth Suites to offer Waco a unique fitness experience:

  • YogaLife with Elizabeth Oates
  • (two54) Fitness Studio with Shemane Nugent, Angela Beeler, and Heather Field
  • Pilates with Blaire Bolton
  • Mixed Martial Arts with Tim McFatridge

TIME. Most people juggle work, family, and other activities, leaving little time for exercise. Yet the new downtown location offers classes throughout the day. Are you a morning person? Take advantage of the CrossFit, Boot Camp, and Yoga classes at 5:15 a.m., 5:30 a.m., and 6:15 a.m. Need a lunch-time boost? Try a CrossFit, Yoga, or Zumba class. Want to relieve work-day stress? The downtown location offers a variety of classes at 5:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. each weekday.

MONEY. Finances are the second most-used excuse for not exercising. “Parents will usually spend $100-125 per month on sports for their kids, but they won’t come even close to spending that on themselves for fitness,” Stewart points out.

YogaLife offers classes for as little as $6 per class (a HUGE savings when you consider most Yoga studios in other cities charge $12-15 per class).

CrossFit offers workout packages for less than $9 per class for new participants and about $7 for returning participants. And (two54) Fitness Studio offers packages costing $1-5 per class.

BOREDOM. This is the third obstacle people must overcome in achieving their fitness goals. With ten different types of fitness activities in the new Woolworth Suites, boredom is not an issue. Each program offers variety, challenge, and varying degrees of difficulty to engage the novice to the expert exerciser. Looking for a change in your workout? Try any of the classes offered, including CrossFit, Boot Camp, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, mixed martial arts, running endurance classes, marathon training, triathlon training, and kettle bell classes.

INCONVENIENCE. In the past, people working downtown did not have a convenient gym option, making working out on weekdays difficult. In the new Woolworth Suites, you can walk to the gym, workout, and then take advantage of the shower facilities to get ready for work. Inconvenience is no longer an excuse.

One more advantage that CrossFit Waco, YogaLife, and (two54) Fitness Studios, among others, offer is accountability. “In a mainstream gym no one knows if you don’t show up. We know if you’re not here. This is what makes our programs work and helps people reach their fitness goals,” Stewart says.

Clients are held accountable via emails and phone calls when they miss a class. The staff also hosts nutritional seminars because, as Stewart says, “Nutrition is more important for performance and weight loss than is exercise.”

These programs appeal to both men and women. CrossFit offers both co-ed and a women’s-only class. Yoga, originally created for men, now enables both men and women to increase their flexibility, strength, balance, and focus. In fact, professional athletes, including football’s Eddie George and Shannon Sharpe, baseball’s Barry Zito, basketball’s Kevin Garnett, and PGA golfers Ty Tryon and David Duval, all praise the physical and mental benefits they have gained from Yoga.

According to, two thirds of American adults are either overweight or obese. If you are one of these people and want to lose weight, or just someone who wants to add some challenge, variety and fun into your workout routine, then check out one of the classes at the new Woolworth Suites.

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