Guiding principles

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Alico Building
Alico Building

1000 Friends of Waco guiding principles

Waco deserves to be a better place

We believe the citizens of the City should begin a meaningful and visionary planning process with broad community participation to strengthen the Heart of the Community. We call on the wisdom and values of Waco’s citizens to make our city center a more attractive place to live work and play. The process will provide an agreed-upon framework for turning our visions into places over the next 40 years.

Furthermore, both public and private sectors require a plan to make the most efficient use of our community assets to create and maintain the complex infrastructure that enables quality private development. No prudent business or institution would consider operating without a plan.

Most importantly, it appears that Wacoans believe the time has come to create the future we want by coordinating our growth, transportation, revitalization of neighborhoods, land development, stewardship of our cultural heritage and natural resources, and a great many other issues.


The greatest benefit is the process itself – bringing citizens together to define a shared vision for our collective future.Other benefits:

1. Better use and management of public resources

2. A more orderly pattern of growth and efficient land use

3. Revitalization and protection of neighborhoods

4. Greater stability for communities

5. Capital improvements program tied to preferred patterns of growth

6. Control of visual blight

7. Protection of the natural environment

8. Clarity and predictability regarding private development

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