What do YOU want downtown to look like

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Here’s your opportunity to let us know what you’d like to see in Greater Downtown Waco. If you have an idea, or something to share post it here in the comments.

Let’s hear it, we can’t do it without you.


I was doing some research on Rails-to-Trails, the concept of turning abandoned railroads into pedestrian/bike trails, and I was immediately struck by how appropriate I believe this is for the former rail on Mary Street, including the railroad bridge into East Waco. I had actually thought about that as a good idea for some time, but didn’t know others were actually doing this throughout the country. In fact, I was talking to someone after our last meeting, and he is also a supporter of the idea. He even told me that his office helped pursue funding for the 2-mile trail that’s being constructed down in the Woodway/McGregor area. I know there is also some preliminary interest in eventually reclaiming that rail line for a streetcar system, so my thought on that would be to consider a land lease or some other deed restriction in which the trail could be constructed, with the understanding that it could be reclaimed in the future for a streetcar (or other use). I think a dedicated bike/ped trail would make a lot of sense in a place like Waco where commuting by bike is less common than, say, San Francisco, where bike lanes that share the roadways are a more accepted approach. What do you think?

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