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Here are a few books I’d highly recommend if you’re interested in downtown revitalization

Jane Jacobs’ The Death and Life of Great American Cities: Widely recognized as one of, if not the most important book ever written on urban planning, and it’s a great read too.  Everyone should read this book.

Steve Belmont’s Cities in Full: Cities in Full essentially takes a modern look at the effects and influences of Jane Jacob’s ideals while providing an interesting perspective on recentralization.  This book really challenged some of my notions associated with urban development.

Richard Florida’s Who’s Your City: Florida is a pioneer in the subject of placemaking, this is his latest in a series that describes what attracts talented people to places.  Great ideas on how Waco can position itself to attract the best and brightest.

Christopher B. Leinberger’s Turning Around Downtown, Twelve Steps to Revitalization: Shortest read on the list, it’s online and free.  Leinberger has tested and proven his theories on urban development as a developer rebuilding downtowns.  This article provides an easy to understand template for downtown revitalization.  Print this out and keep a copy on you at all times, I do.

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