Greater Downtown Waco Plan update

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On behalf of the Greater Waco Chamber, the City of Waco and  I’d like to thank each of the consulting teams that responded for submitting a proposal to assist us in developing our Greater Downtown Waco Master Plan and Economic Development Strategy. 

We were incredibly impressed with the quality of the presentations and their interest in working with us. We received and reviewed a total of 27 proposals making this a difficult decision.

We have invited the following firms out of those 27 to make presentations to us here in Waco and expect to select our consultant team from this list:

 1.       Chan, Krieger, Sieniewicz

2.       EDAW, Inc.

3.       Fregonese Associates

4.       Gideon Toal

5.       Mesa Design Associates

6.       Sasaki Associates

7.       TBG Partners


Has a due date been established for when presentations will be made? Also, will the public be able to attend/view the presentations?

sorry for the delay here greengenuity, your comment apparently got hung in some sort of approval process on the website, I’ll figure out what happened and fix it. I can assure you that public participation is of the highest priority in the development of this plan and there will be attend/view and perhaps more importantly participate in the development of the plan.

The process will kick off in early May, we are in the process of finalizing those details right now.

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