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Streetcar Revival Gains Momentum

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Highlights from last week

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Here are some interesting articles we posted on 1000 friends of Waco’s facebook page last couple of weeks that you might not have seen.

From the Strong Towns Blog, “From the Mayor’s Office” parts 1 and 2.

Walkable neighborhood survey ffrom

Repost of Chris Leinberger’s 12 steps to Downtown Revitalization.



Imagine Waco Transportation Plan summary

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Here is a presentation we’ve prepared that outlines the transportation recommendations identified in Imagine Waco as well as some information on the impacts of transportation as an economic driver that is largley responsible for shaping a cities developmental pattern.



A New Vision for Downtown Waco

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We’ve been working with a landscape architecture student at the University of Arkansas (recent grad and Waco native, congratulations Alex!) who developed a new masterplan for a portion of downtown Waco as his senior project. It’s a really interesting look at the area between University Parks, 6th street, Mary Ave. and I-35. You can download his plan at the link, take a look.

1000 Friends of Waco membership and referral contest announcements

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Between the website (, facebook and twitter feeds, 1000 Friends of Waco currently has 784 friends keeping up with discussion on what’s happening in Greater Downtown Waco.  We know there are more of us out there interested in the renaissance that’s happening in Greater Downtown Waco and want to encourage others to get involved and stay informed.

In order to get to our goal of 1000 friends, we are pleased to offer a contest to get us beyond our goal of 1000 friends.  The person that becomes the 1000th friend total at either 1000 Friends of Waco website, facebook or twitter feeds will receive a $100 gift certificate to one of your favorite downtown restaurants or shops.

There’s also a referral prize.  Here is how the referral contest will work…

Ask your friends to “like” the 1000 friends ofWacofacebook fan page and have them post a comment on the wall saying who sent them. The person with the most overall referrals once we reach 1000 total friends will also win a $100 gift certificate to one of your favorite downtown restaurants or shops.

Questions can be submitted to

Interesting Articles

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There’s a couple of interesting articles here that relate to our urban development initiatives in Waco.  The first one deals with the Empty-Nester condo market, and the second article focuses on campus edge retail districts.

Arts Alliance

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Waco Arts Alliance final report

Waco Arts Alliance PP Tiffany Price

Waco Arts Alliance Marketing Survey

Rebekah Waco Arts Alliance Marketing Presentation




Chamber Leadership Intercity Visit, Greenville, SC

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Each year the Greater Waco Chamber take a group of community leaders on a visit to another city to expose a delegation of Waco leaders to innovative ideas, programs, initiatives and best practices which may be adapted and implemented in Greater Waco.

This year we’re traveling to Greenville, SC on September 28-30.  While in Greenville we’ll take a look at their downtown and riverfront development initiatives as well as take some time to explore other aspect fo what’s working to make Greenville a great city.

I hope you’ll join us, click the link below to download a flyer with more details on the trip and a registration form.


Transit Takes Hold in Texas

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Lots of activity in Texas on streetcars, here’s a couple of articles on the latest from Dallas and San Antonio.

Food Trucks

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Wouldn’t’ it be great if we had “food Truck Thursday in downtown Waco.  Food trucks are a great way to get into the food business, you have seen this idea take off around the country, the article below is just an example.  Let us know on the 1000 friends facebook page what type of food trucks you’d like to see in downtown Waco.|newswell|img|FRONTPAGE|p