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Register today to express your vision for downtown

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Imagine Waco Website Launches Today

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The project website for the Greater Downtown Masterplan is live today.  Please visit to check it out.  you can register for the planning workshops that will be held in October.

We can’t do it without you

New Baylor Football shuttle service from Downtown

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Waco Transit is offering a great way to get to and from this year’s Baylor Home Football games.  The Tailgater is a new shuttle service that will pick you up at Heritage Square in Downtown Waco and drop you off at Touchdown Alley allowing you to support both the Baylor Bears and your favorite downtown restaurant or watering hole.  What a great gameday experience!

Click the link below for details, and have a great weekend.


Greater Downtown Master Plan Update

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After a great kickoff meeting, Fregonese and the team are continuing to work on Task 1 which is basically data collection. They are assembling a variety of background information including existing geographic information system data and a multitude of existing plans. After assembling the data, they will begin a review and evaluation. They will also perform a visual analysis of typical land use types to catalogue the character of existing structures, parking, streets and open space. The end result of Task 1 will be the development of an existing conditions report for us to review.

Task 2 will begin the intense public outreach phase culminating with the most important & fun part, the public workshops, which are scheduled for October 26 and 27.  Times and locations will be made available as we get closer to the date, and the consulting team hopes to have a website up soon with more information.

Thanks you all for your interest and support in this.  We can’t do it without you.

Now, Follow us on Twitter!

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1000 Friends of Waco is now on Twitter, feel free to follow us and tell your friends.  Thank you for your support

Greater Downtown Plan Kickoff

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Waco is moving forward. Signs of new momentum are everywhere. Join us at this kickoff event for the greater downtown plan to hear more about our next steps in bringing positive change to greater downtown Waco.

Each of us have made a commitment by joining 1000 Friends of Waco to mobilize as volunteers to help envision a safe, healthy, sustainable greater downtown area by participating in the development of the Greater Downtown Master Plan and Economic Development Strategy. In doing so, please mark your calendars for the upcoming kickoff event.

  • What: Greater Downtown Plan Kickoff Event; Presentation by John Fregonese, President Fregonese Associates.
  • When: 6 to 7 p.m. Monday July 27
  • Where: Brazos Room, Waco Convention Center

Through the development of this plan and its implementation over the course of the next several years, people will credit 1000 Friends of Waco and this public private partnership with transforming our community. We are 1000 Friends who knew that Waco could be a better place to live; 1000 Friends who knew how to make it better; and 1000 Friends who were willing to think and act big enough and bold enough make that change!

I look forward to seeing you all on July 27. We can’t do it without you.


Recommended Reading

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Here are a few books I’d highly recommend if you’re interested in downtown revitalization

Jane Jacobs’ The Death and Life of Great American Cities: Widely recognized as one of, if not the most important book ever written on urban planning, and it’s a great read too.  Everyone should read this book.

Steve Belmont’s Cities in Full: Cities in Full essentially takes a modern look at the effects and influences of Jane Jacob’s ideals while providing an interesting perspective on recentralization.  This book really challenged some of my notions associated with urban development.

Richard Florida’s Who’s Your City: Florida is a pioneer in the subject of placemaking, this is his latest in a series that describes what attracts talented people to places.  Great ideas on how Waco can position itself to attract the best and brightest.

Christopher B. Leinberger’s Turning Around Downtown, Twelve Steps to Revitalization: Shortest read on the list, it’s online and free.  Leinberger has tested and proven his theories on urban development as a developer rebuilding downtowns.  This article provides an easy to understand template for downtown revitalization.  Print this out and keep a copy on you at all times, I do.

Livable Streets and Livable Centers

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Here are a couple of great examples of urban design policy recommendations and standards that can help transform urban environments such as Greater Downtown Waco.  One is from the Livable Streets Initiative and one is from our neighbors to the south the Houston-Galveston Area Council of Governmets.  Let me know what you think.

Elm Avenue Improvement Plan

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Here’s an interesting plan that was developed to visualize what improvements could look like along Elm Avenue.  This is a great example of potential design guidelines that could really encourage some great progress in an area of downtown that I am particularly interested in along Elm ave. and Bridge St. 

Click through to take a look at the Elm Avenue Improvement Plan

Greater Downtown Waco Plan update

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On behalf of the Greater Waco Chamber, the City of Waco and  I’d like to thank each of the consulting teams that responded for submitting a proposal to assist us in developing our Greater Downtown Waco Master Plan and Economic Development Strategy. 

We were incredibly impressed with the quality of the presentations and their interest in working with us. We received and reviewed a total of 27 proposals making this a difficult decision.

We have invited the following firms out of those 27 to make presentations to us here in Waco and expect to select our consultant team from this list:

 1.       Chan, Krieger, Sieniewicz

2.       EDAW, Inc.

3.       Fregonese Associates

4.       Gideon Toal

5.       Mesa Design Associates

6.       Sasaki Associates

7.       TBG Partners