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Streetcars being built more for Economic Development goals than Mobilility

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Here’s a couple of interesting articles about how communities are using Streetcars to drive economic development.

I strongly encourage those of you interested in the continued revitalization of Downtown Waco to familiarize yourself with the livable communities initiative being promoted by the Obama Administration to create higher density walkable neighborhoods, much like what we’re working on here in Greater Downtown Waco.

Washington Uses Transit to Generate Development

Leveraging Existing Transit Assets for New Transit-Oriented Development

FTA Administrator: Streetcars will be judged by their impact on economic development

St. Louis’ Loop District Gets Endorsement from Feds with Grant for Streetcar

Imagine Waco Plan Reception

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Please join us for a presentation and unveiling of the Imagine Waco Plan on August 26th.  Click the link for more info. waco-kickoff-flyer

Hope to see you there!

Draft Imagine Waco Plan now Available

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please review the draft Greater Downtown plan at

Your review and commentary is essential to the final plan.  You can comment on the Imagine Waco site.  More to come…

Great Article

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read this outstanding article on urban developement.

New Downtown Shopping and Dining Directory

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here’s a new map of places to live work and play in Downtown Waco.  This map will be updated regularly.  Please contact me if you’d like your business to be added to the map.

Streetcar Article

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Here are a good article on the streetcar renaissance in the US.

A couple of downtown Waco oriented sites

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here are a couple that focus on downtown Waco. The first one is a Downtown Waco facebook page that’s got great support, 1200+ fans last i looked. The second sight is a blog that’s full of ideas for the downtown area.

Take a look at both, I’m thrilled to see more people getting excited about Downtown Waco.

On making Greater Downtown more livable and more attractive for businesses and jobs of the future

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Click the link below for some exciting news on a policy shift related to federal public transportation funding. The new policy puts much more emphasis on livability and economic development impacts of transit spending. This is a powerful statement and a dramatic change from existing policy as stated by U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood: “Our new policy for selecting major transit projects will work to promote livability rather than hinder it.”

A Waco streetcar is being proposed by the Chamber and I believe by those participating in the Greater Downtown planning process as a way to make the CBD and close in commercial neighborhoods more livable and more attractive for development and jobs.

What do YOU want downtown to look like

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Here’s your opportunity to let us know what you’d like to see in Greater Downtown Waco. If you have an idea, or something to share post it here in the comments.

Let’s hear it, we can’t do it without you.

Please comment on I-35 expansion through downtown Waco

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Please consider sending comments to TxDOT on the reconstruction of I-35 through downtown Waco.  The comments are due by 5:00 p.m. on January 8, 2010THESE COMMENTS ARE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.  TXDOT AND THE FEDERAL HIGHWAY ADMINISTRATION CONSIDER VERY SERIOUSLY WHAT CITIZENS SAY DURING THE COMMENT PERIOD.

Please state any concerns or comments that you may have about the project. Plus, you may want to add any or all of the following points:

•get these plans shovel-ready by the end of 2010

•road viewed not as an obstacle between Baylor and Downtown, but a catalyst between the two

•The initial plan pertains only to the design of the access road bridges across the Brazos River and it is a goal to have a remarkable signature bridge to replace the old main lane bridge and the access roads should be part of that main bridge’s design.

•immediately design the Brazos River bridge

•shovel-ready plans seem to be the ones that get funded these days

•road designed with recurring related themes for the entire length of the road

•integration of Loop 574 to create a major Dallas/Houston/Downtown Waco intersection

•removal of the TXU substation

•integration with the hike and bike trail

•placement of ramps

•access to homes, businesses and churches

•bridge lights


•underground drainage


•state-of-the-art street lighting for safety and aesthetic purposes

•well designed and landscaped intersections

•signage that encourages business

•respect for landowners’ rights

•fair, courteous and quick condemnation procedures

•full access to relocated utility and drainage facilities

•aesthetically pleasing drainage facilities that resolve community flooding issues

•design for interaction with a streetcar system and outstanding pedestrian linkages

Click the following link for schematics and other info about the proposed changes to I-35.

For your convenience, here is a link to provide comments to TxDOT:

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the community to shape what I-35 will look like and feel like for the next 50 years.  Thank you for all that you do.